Thursday, August 6, 2009

ride that slide!

O to the M to the G! doesn't really matter if it is fake or not.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

to live here and now

driving on the roads of gotland seeing the most amazing land and envying the "quality of life" that this place represents, i once again realize how difficult i find it to live here and now. we get out of the car to see the wonders. i try to block myself from thinking about what time it is and what we are going to do next. i take my pictures and make myself look up, look out. in a way i hate the camera, without it i would have to memorize and really see things. now i can do it afterwards. why does it have to be so hard to enjoy the moment right now?

over and over again. have i lost myself in traveling form? again? or am i waiting for something to happen? maybe this is not where i want to be.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

flooded vacation

it might be a magnification but it feels like my vacation got flooded. rain and bad weather are more or less the only things i've seen so far. sure, it's relaxing but it's also getting to the point when it is boring. haven't even got the opportunity to go fishing. but who am i to complain when last-minute charters are sky rocketing in price and my plan to go to new york city crashed in bad timing? at least i am free to do whatever i want. even if it usually means alone.

there are still hopes of doing one (or maybe two) of the following alternative plans:
  • road trip in sweden
  • buss to europe
  • finding that super cheap last-minute trip to the sun
  • (open spot for suggestions)
if everything else fails, i will be even more excited about using my saved vacation week in the fall.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Miike Snow - Burial (video)

three or four posts ago i was talking about miike snow. not too long after that my good friends daniel & jonas finished the video for the song "burial". check it out. i recommend going directly to youtube and watch it in fullscreen hd if you can.

Monday, July 13, 2009

documentation of joy

first, got a message from a friend that google translate is not too good at translating this from swedish to anything understandable, so my blog will now go english more often. my old english teacher, native speakers, and random others will probably laugh their ass off, but that's on me. free of charge.

flickering through some of my photographies and get amazed over the documentation that they provide. some of them with happy people, some of them at exotic places and some of them just thoughtful expressions. moments that i would do anything to experience again. from simple picnics in the grass to camp fires making s'mores to diving with turtles. even trying that facial mask again. it saddens me that the pictures that i love the most are getting older. documentation turning into history.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

släpp groggen

börjar känna att alkohol i många fall mest är bortkastade pengar. jag blir mest trött både före och efter. ja, gärna ett glas rosé vid klipporna samtidigt som man ser ut över vattnet med en vän eller två. nej, inte sjutioåtta öl och femton drinkar på en klubb med finlandsfärjetema. det är fan inte värt det.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Skänk Miike Snow ett öra

Såg att Miike Snows nu finns på Spotify (kanske har funnits ett tag också till och med) och jag tycker att den är värd en lyssning. Inte dumt. Har man inte Spotify så funkar MySpace prima också. Där finns ju dessutom lite information.